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Ep 1 | The Smiley Face

Killer Theory

It's Episode 1: The Smiley Face Killer Theory!

In this episode I talk with Sammy Waisanen (Howl Horror Program) about the Smiley Face Killer Theory. It's a case of mysterious drownings spanning multiple states, from New York to Minnesota, leaving over 40 victims in its wake.

In this episode we discuss some of the grizzly details that made two retired New York detectives follow a trail of bodies that ended up leaving more questions than answers.

We have a frightening piece of fiction for you, performed by Henry Shrader, Lindsay Boyd, & Q Dyer, "Seven People in my Neighborhood Are Dead, and I Don't Watch Movies About Serial Killers Anymore" written by Alice Rabel.

Special thanks to Erika Gwynn of the podcast, The Apex & The Abyss for performing this episode's opener.

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Ep 1 | The Smiley Face Killer Theory

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