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I’m a horror fiction writer. I specialise in the dark and mysterious, with a particular penchant for the paranormal, the parallel, and the phantasmagorical. Which is a fancy way of saying I like scary stories. I publish short stories to kindle, am working on several podcast scripts, and hope to launch my own horror enthusiast magazine online… soon. 


I’m also a Marketer, and help to run a small SEO & Digital Marketing agency in Bristol, which some will say is irrefutable proof that I have no soul. 

Do explore my website. You’ll find links to my published works, thoughts about horror on my blog, general news and announcements including info about my next horror anthology ‘Four Seasons’, due out soon.

Why write such scary stuff?

I remember when I was first really scared by a novel. I was travelling in India (no, really, I was), and found, as I shuffled along one stinking hot afternoon in central Mumbai, a makeshift bookshop laid out on the pavement before me. It was full of dog-eared paperbacks. One book jacket jumped out at me immediately, firstly because it was in English, and secondly it was the right size and weight to fit into my backpack without shattering my spine, already half-crippled from months of lugging my belongings around. 

The book was Cujo, by the inimitable Stephen King. I read it in one sitting. It lit up my imagination like a firework.

It had everything: vulnerable protagonists, visceral gore, horrifying villains, a sense of sadness and suffering that pervaded throughout, a tantalizing hint of the supernatural. It was short, punchy, and unforgettable… and it started a fire in me. 

I wanted to write something that made people feel the way I felt as I eagerly flipped the pages of that book. And so that’s my purpose: keep writing, keep learning, keep working on my craft until I have something that scares the pants off you. 

As I write each story I’ll put links to them here and on the blog part of this website. As my story collection grows, I’ll compile them into horror fiction anthologies and make those available too. 

And by the way, I love criticism. I’m a sadist, you see. Like my stories? Please comment on my blog posts or email me. Hate them? I want to know too. 

Episode Appearances:

S2.E1. (Feature Story): "Wendigo" (April 2018)

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Gemma Amor

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