Henry Schrader

Voice Actor

Henry Schrader is a voice actor, author with a book on amazon, and Youtuber. He enjoys games of all types, comic books, martial arts movies, and anime. He is currently waiting for one of his many endeavors to blow up so that he can do what he wants for a living all the time. 


Website: http://hjschrader09.wix.com/henryschrader 

Youtube: www.youtube.com/thehenhousegaming

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/hjschrader09

Episode Appearances:

S1.E1. (Feature): "Still Me... My UFO Story"

S1.E3. (Feature): "Hotel"

S1.E8. (Short): "Halloween Prank"

S2.E1. (Feature): "Seven People in My Neighborhood Are Dead, And I Don't Watch Movies About Serial Killers Anymore"

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