"On a dark, wooded, road..."

Whispers in the Night is a podcast created in 2016 by Seng Phengdouangdeth. This podcast was created as a labor of love with a focus on the Midwest and is devoted to exploring the paranormal, unexplained, & the things that terrify us most.
Whispers in the Night delivers these strange and unusual topics through a format that follows fact, fiction, & folklore so that every episode is as educational as it is entertaining.
This show is couldn't have been created without the collaboration of many voices, stories, & talents.

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Seng Phengdouangdeth is the creator, writer, producer, and host of Whispers in the Night Podcast. With a deep fascination and curiosity for the paranormal and the peculiar, Seng also founded the Whispers in the Night Paranormal Research and Investigation Team.

As a man of many hats, Seng is also known as an American actor, history columnist, and contributor through his writing to all things horror (Nightmare of Film Street), as well as the supernatural (High Plains Reader).

When he isn't busy writing or creating, Seng loves spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter along with their chihuahua, Simon, and chi-weenie, Arya.

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