Lindsay (Smith) Boyd

Voice Actress

Lindsay Smith is a native Texan currently residing in Houston with her two bad dachshunds and Siamese cat who is queen of the house. 


After spending the past ten years acting in her local theatre scene, Lindsay decided to branch out and try her hand at directing and indie filmmaking.  She made her directorial debut with "Shadows on Oak Island" earlier this year, which was met with much acclaim and recently directed her first short film as part of the Houston 48 Hour Film Project.  She is currently working on a pilot for Netflix and spends her weekends practicing her range with her Dungeons & Dragons group. 


As an avid podcast listener and lover of voices in general, Lindsay was thrilled to discover that the Whispers in the Night podcast was looking for talent and immediately reached out to Seng and couldn't be more thrilled to be a member of the team.



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Episode Appearances:

S1.E3. (Bonus): "I Live In An Old Hotel and I Found Something I Shouldn't Have" 

S1.E3. (Bonus): "I Live In An Old Hotel and I Found Something I Shouldn't Have" (Pt.2)

S1.E10.1. (Feature): "The Sallow Man"

S1.E10.3. (Feature): "Nobody in Templeton Believes in Urban Legends"

S2.E1. (Feature): "Seven People in My Neighborhood Are Dead, And I Don't Watch Movies About Serial Killers Anymore"

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