Nikki Tourangeau

Podcast Support / WITN Paranormal Co-Founder

Hello, my name is Nikki!
I have spent my whole life reading, watching, listening, and researching everything and anything I could
about the paranormal realm. I have been deeply interested and obsessed with all things paranormal
since I was a little girl. I am a firm believer in high strangeness but have a healthy skeptical side to
balance out my love for the paranormal field. I have been dreaming of the day I allow myself to dive
deeper into my fascination with the otherworldly so when presented with the opportunity to help start
a paranormal research and investigation group I was ecstatic!
I am not only happy to grow and nourish my knowledge in the paranormal field but am also happy to be
part of a team whose goal is to help our clients to understand their experiences and to provide help as well as education in the matter.

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